In the case that you have double-depth shelving, there are two options to create the front and back position in PULPO WMS.


The first and preferred option is to create only one barcode for both the front and back position, independently of if you have a double depth position or not. This way you will simply be able to store more product per position, since you have more volume, and enter the desired quantity of one or multiple products. Your warehouse employee will for example may want to store the product with the least turnover at the rear manually. One of the advantages of this option is that you would only have one barcode to scan per shelve and position. This leads to less confusion about which barcode to scan when storing or picking products. To make it even easier for your employee, try to avoid storing different products inside the front and back-position. Nonetheless PULPO WMS lets you store different SKUs in a given storage position if required.


The second option is to create the shelves as two positions next to each other, the right position will be taken as the back position in your double depth shelve and each position will have its own barcode.

See in the picture:

Please take into account that in the warehouse wizard your back position in a double-depth shelve will be shown to the right of the front position.

We only recommend this if you have very different rules regarding the storage positions and for example at some point would like to define different Tags for front and back position.

It is important that at the time of sticking the barcodes onto the positions you can correctly identify which is the front barcode and which is the back barcode to avoid confusion when scanning the position. Marking the different depths with different colors (Blue for the front, Yellow for back) can help.


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