In order to upload information to PULPO WMS via CSV it is important to save the files in UTF-8 format.

If your MS Excel version does not support UTF-8 you can use Open Office as described further below in this article.

1st Option with Excel.

Be sure to select the UTF-8 format for CSVs when saving any file as shown below (Save AS: CSV UTF-8 in Excel)

2nd Option with Open Office.

If for some reason your spreadsheet software (Excel, Numbers etc) does not let you save files as UTF-8 please try with Open Office.

Once it was downloaded Openoffice>

  • Use File > Open.

  • Click the Open button on the main toolbar and choose the option open with "OpenOffice Calc"

  • You are going to see this window "Textimport". It is important to fill the fields as shown in the image below.

And ready, you can now fill all required fields and upload your file with the correct format (UTF-8).

That's all! you are now almost ready with the PULPO WMS setup. Keep exploring other PULPO WMS setups and see what is coming next:

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