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Auto-replenishment tasks are used to maintain a constant quantity of products at specific storage positions. Automatic replenishment-tasks are movements inside the warehouse in order to reallocate products from storage positions with certain criteria (e.g. of Tag 'Volume') to a specific position (often a highly frequented 'pick' position), so that one can always maintain a minimum quantity of a specific product available in said position.

1. Go to the Automation option on the left side menu el the PULPO WMS Web App.

2. On the screen that appears, all auto-replenishment rules created will be listed. To create a new task click on the Create "+" button located at the lower right side of the screen, or edit an already existing rule by clicking on the "three-dot" edit option next to each rule.

3. The following information must be provided when creating/editing an auto-replenishment rule:

  • Select position to be replenished: The position code to be replenished must be provided. This will be the position where stock quantities will be maintained.

  • Select product to be replenished: Type the product name or code to be replenished. The product must be already created or registered in the PULPO WMS system.

  • Select tags of source position: Tags from the source positions must be provided for the system to identify where to pick the products from.

  • Define minimum threshold: Define the minimum quantity of products to be kept at the selected position before the auto-replenishment task will be triggered.

  • Define maximum threshold: Define the maximum quantity of products to be refilled at the selected position. The system will try to replenish this amount of product every time the quantity of products falls below the minimum threshold defined for the selected position. Products will be picked from tagged source positions according to available stock.

  • Name of the replenishment rule: Assign a custom name for the replenishment rule to keep a better track and administer the replenishment rules.

4. Once an auto-replenishment rule has been created, it will appear listed in the window mentioned in 2. The auto-replenishment task can be performed with the PULPO WMS Mobile App following the same process as for a movement task.

5. For an automatic replenishment to happen, there must be stock available at the source positions and replenishment orders will be trigged when a movement, picking or counting task is performed on the position defined for the order.


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