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  • Accepted products: These are the products that, once accepted in the reception positions, can be stored in the warehouse and will be available for the different tasks of PULPO WMS (movements, picking, packing, counting, etc.).

  • Batch number: It is a unique number that relates an expiration date to a certain group of products.

  • Incoming goods: It is the process by which goods and products are received at the warehouse. The process involves the tasks of entry and registration of goods in a reception position designed for this process.

  • Lot type of products: These are the products that require a record and tracking of an expiration date inside the warehouse. Usually, these are edible products and some chemical products. These products can be registered in PULPO WMS by batches (several products with the same lot number) and each batch associates a specific expiration date.

  • Mobile App: Refers to the interaction that can be done with PULPO WMS through a mobile or Smartphone.

  • None type products: These are the most common products that can enter the warehouses of PULPO WMS. These products do not have serial numbers, lot or expiration dates. To store or warehouse these products, it is only required to know their quantity and assign a bar code.

  • Products: Are the physical objects (merchandise) that can be stored in the warehouses. There are three different classifications for the products in the warehouses of PULPO WMS.

  • Purchase order: It is a commercial document where the information of a buyer or client who wishes to acquire a certain product(s) is registered. The purchase order records information such as the client, the product, the date of purchase, among others.

  • Rejected products: Are the products that are rejected when performing the incoming goods process. These products are taken to a quarantine or isolation area and must be moved or managed by the Administrator creating manual movements from the Web application. The products will not be available for the common tasks of PULPO WMS

  • Serial type of products: Serial type products are the products that need to be individually identified in order to keep a detailed track of them. Usually, these products offer guarantees or are of high value, therefore it requires an individual tracking of each product. Each serial number is created and assigned to a unique product.

  • Third-party: It refers to the customers and suppliers of a warehouse or the PULPO WMS system.

  • User: It is a profile in PULPO WMS system that can contain several attributes defined by the Administrator and which allow or not to perform certain tasks in PULPO WMS.

  • Web App: It refers to the interaction that can be done with PULPO WMS through a computer or web page.

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