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This article will guide you through the basic steps for creating, editing and managing your warehouses using the PULPO WMS Web App.

  1. In the Web App, go to the Warehouses option located under the Administration left side menu.

PULPO WMS Warehouses

2. From the Warehouses screen displayed, you can navigate through two main tabs for visualizing a list of the already created warehouses as well as Webhooks. For creating or editing a warehouse, just click on the Create "+" button or the Edit "three dots" button.

The following information must be filled:

  • Name: Assign the name of the warehouse.

  • Site: Assign the warehouse site for grouping purposes (leave in empty when no grouping is needed or when not required).

  • Priority: Set a priority with a number from 1 to any greater positive number, being 1 the highest priority. This will allow PULPO WMS to optimize the warehouse tasks by considering a warehouse priority value in case you warehouse the same product in multiple warehouses.

  • Line 1: Type the warehouse physical address.

  • Zip code: Zipcode of the area where the warehouse is located.

  • City: City where the warehouse is located.

  • State: State where the warehouse is located.

  • Country: Country where the warehouse is located.

3. After filling all the required information, click the Create/Update button located at the bottom right corner. The new or edited warehouse will then appear on the list displayed for the warehouses tab.

4. In the WEBHOOKS tab, you have the opportunity to create or update the webhooks that your PULPO WMS system is sending. Webhooks give the user the chance to send information about certain events triggered in PULPO WMS to other systems just like ERP or IMS systems.

E.g.: If a packing task in PULPO WMS is finished, a webhook can be sent to the ERP system to trigger an email that gets sent to the end customer.

When creating a webhook in PULPO WMS you have to select the following fields:

  • Warehouse: Select the warehouse. Webhooks will be sent only for events triggered inside the specific warehouse selected.

  • Type: Select the type of webhook from the drop-down menu. The type describes the event that happens in PULPO WMS to trigger the webhook being sent. One webhook dataset can contain more than 1 event to have a better overview. If more than 1 type is selected, one webhook will be sent for each event.

  • Method: The method describes the type of the API call and must usually be configured to match the requirements of the receiving system. The usual method here is "POST". The other available methods are: "GET" and "PUT".

  • URL: The URL field needs to be filled with the URL where the webhook/s should be sent to.

5. Finally, click the CREATE/UPDATE button to set up the webhook. The created webhooks will appear listed on the screen.

Well done! You have set up your warehouses and are now ready to assign positions, users and other PULPO WMS features. See what is coming next in PULPO WMS:

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