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Reviewing the general settings of PULPO WMS is a crucial and necessary step towards setting-up the system and perform adequate warehousing tasks. General settings are located at the bottom part of the Web App left side menu.

PULPO WMS displays global settings which consist of the following options:

  • Activate integrator administrator: Enables the integrator module to connect one or multiple third-party systems.

  • Activate the shipping process: Enables an extra step to double-check when products are shipped. This step is performed when products are being physically loaded on the truck and then transported out of the warehouse.

  • Filter picking list based on product tags: If enabled, pickers will only be able to receive the picking tasks with products that match their user's tags. Other picking tasks will not be shown to them.

Click and enable any of the previously described options according to the requirements of your warehousing tasks.

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