If you receive an error or some unexpected behavior in your PULPO WMS session, please feel free to send us this error as long as it is well described.

To solve your issue as fast as possible it is of enormous importance to provide us with as much information about the problem as possible. The following template should give you an idea of how to provide us with input about the issue:

tested on: "XYZ"

please enter the instance here where you found the problem. For example "eu.pulpo.co"

date and time: Enter an exact date, time and timezone

steps to reproduce:

please give us an exact idea of how you produced the error. E.g.:

  • Opened picking menu in the app

  • swiped picking task "XYZ" to the right

  • accepted picking task

  • error "XYZ" occured


please describe what actually happened in your case

expected behavior:

please describe what you would expect the system to do

Please feel free to copy the whole template above, fill it with your information and send it to us via the error reporting function on http://help.pulpowms.com/en/ (button on the bottom right)

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