1. To use the warehouse control console of Pulpo WMS, all you need is a PC / Mac. Since Pulpo WMS is a cloud solution, the computer itself does not require expensive hardware. Pulpo WMS is a cloud-based Platform. 

  2. The warehouse employee smartphone app requires an Android-enabled device. The only requirement for the smartphone hardware is a display with Full HD resolution and a camera, unless you want to use a ring scanner.

  3. Lasers are many times faster when capturing barcodes / QR codes.

  4. In your warehouse area, the control center and the app require a stable Wifi network for the smartphones. A normal LTE router suffices as backup for the work in the entire warehouse. Pulpo WMS was developed so that very little data volume is required for a smooth function of the app.

Pulpo WMS works exclusively with Android devices that operate with Android OS 7 and upward. The device needs to have a full HD display to optimally enable all features.

Handheld devices and scanners

Examples of Hardware options used by our customers are:

Samsung Galaxy J7 or J8 Smartphone. 

Unitech MS650 Ringscanner (connected via Bluetooth to the the Samsung Smartphone).

Generalscan Ring Barcode Scanner and Wearable Data Terminal  GS WT1000 (connected via Bluetooth to the the Samsung Smartphone). 

Unitech EA500 Handheld 

Zebra TC52

Zebra TC258BJ

Datalogic Memor 10

Honeywell EDA 51

Other Hardware

Examples of Hardware options used by our customers are:
Printer: Zebra GK420d

PC terminal for admin:  PC with Intel Core 2 Duo-Processor, 4 GB RAM and Full-HD Screen. Windows / Mac OS / Linux mit Google Chrome

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