1. Pulpo WMS works great for large corporations and smaller warehouses. As a start-up with 3 warehouse employees or established medium-sized companies, Pulpo WMS today supports warehouses of 500 square meters to 20,000 square meters.

  2. Products with barcodes, serial number, batches and expiration date can be optimally stored and picked using Pulpo WMS.
    Whether steel, printed circuit boards, chemicals, or entire components that are assembled along your intralogistics, which is also referred to as "kitting": Pulpo WMS can handle with a broad array of product groups and packaging units.

  3. Due to it's world-class API Pulpo WMS is easier and faster to integrate into a range of ERPs, Accounting Solutions, EDI and Ecommerce Platforms. 

Also be sure to checkout our Blog for inspiration on how to begin your warehouse optimization project. https://blog.pulpowms.com

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