Inventory control is managed in the Inventory Tasks module. We assume that by using Pulpo WMS the differences between "target" and "actual" will go to zero. Nevertheless, Pulpo WMS naturally offers the possibility to carry out inventory counts.

Inventory tasks can currently be initiated based on the following rules:

  • Manual per position or product or combination product / position
  • Automatically as a check after a picker has taken less from a position than recommended
  • Automatically after an item has been cleared
  • Sequential to ensure that all items "used" in a given period of time are checked (for example, check all items whose contents have been changed in the last week)

Like all operations, the inventory tasks are performed using the PULPO WMS Mobile App. For more information, please visit MOBILE APP and open the article in the submenu.

  1. In the overview you can see all open inventory tasks. By clicking on "+" new tasks can be created.

A counter can then be assigned

2. In the view of completed tasks, individual tasks can be audited and reopened (for a second count) or accepted as needed. The Audit button is in the bottom right. 

3.If there are differences in the count, these can be ignored or the inventory will be adjusted. If the "Customize" option is selected, the actual inventory changes. This authorization is only to be assigned to authorized users.

Check out our Videos concerning counting tasks:

  1. How to create a counting task from the Web App

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