In "Packing" the employee can see all open pack tasks. If tasks have been specifically assigned to him, he can only accept and carry out these tasks.

The goal of the Pack process is:

  1. The control of the products to be shipped (quantity, batches, serial numbers)
  2. The documentation in how many packages the products of the order are sent

Optionally, PULPO WMS can also print its own shipping label or tracking label attached to the order.

Especially for the e-commerce sector, where batches of 10 - 40 consignments per picking task are often picked in large batches, PULPO WMS provides a different packing process. When a product is scanned, it is assigned directly to the job and the corresponding label can be printed out. This reduces the number of scanning processes and makes the packer even faster.

The process below is especially for enterprise customers where shipments often contain multiple products and these are shipped in multiple packages.

1.Tasks can generally be accepted by a swipe to the right.

2. Before the number is confirmed, the pack task may be rejected (e.g., if the number of products is incorrect). If the products in question deviate completely from the expected products (i.e., someone has obviously placed an incorrect order in this pack position, the employee may click on "disagreement." In both cases, action is taken manually by the control room.

3. Once the number has been confirmed by clicking on the product, the pack task can be accepted. For products with batches or serial numbers, these can also be checked in the detail view of the products if necessary.

4.The employee now has three options for creating packages. He can add the package by clicking 

on a product in its entirety (screenshot 2). By clicking on 

products which are already ready for shipment and are not repackaged, it can be divided accordingly (screenshot 3). He can add additional units by clicking on 

of a product of the currently selected package (Screenshots 4 and 5) to fill them to the maximum.

5. After closing a package, a photo can be taken by clicking on the camera icon. This can help to solve complaints or to prove that the product was sent in an adequate condition.

6. If all products are packaged in packages, they will be shipped to you by scanning an appropriate location.

The names of positions can basically be freely determined by the customer.

Here you see some videos of the packing process in the Pulpo WMS Android App.

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