As mentioned in 3) Picking APP there is also the so-called Cluster Picking in Pulpo WMS (Cart Pick). Products from several orders are picked in separate boxes and pre-sorted for the packing process. 

For the employee, the process is slightly different than Standard (Single Order), Split and Bulk Picking:

  1. If the employee has accepted a task with the Cluster Picking option, he must first allocate the individual orders to separate boxes on his cart. Boxes are only temporarily assigned to an order to fulfill the pikcing task.  

2. Next, the employee is guided through the warehouse in an optimized route. As in the standard process, he scans position and product and confirms the number of selected products. He is then asked to place the product (s) in the box assigned to the order. To make sure that the employee has identified the correct box, he has to scan it briefly.

3. The employee finishes his picking task as usual by putting the boxes or the cart with the boxes in an available pack position.

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