Pulpo WMS proposes positions for the storage of the products. Many different rules may influence the suggested positions, e.g.

A product is already in one position and an attempt is made to replenish this position (default)

By default, "Volume" items should be populated, so Pulpo suggests a corresponding item that has these types / categories

It is a high rotation product (it is often sold) and should be stored in a zone near the outbox to save time in picking

It is a high value product to be stored in a lockable shelf

IMPORTANT: Pulpo WMS proposes positions to the employee, but he may (possibly with restrictions) choose other or several positions in which he stores products.

Depending on the PULPO version, not all rules may be available for proposing positions. Contact our team if you are interested in unlocking all options.

1.In the "Replenishment" menu, the employee can accept the task by swiping to the right.

2. It displays which products should be moved from the goods receipt item to the warehouse in which number. By swiping to the left, the employee can make adjustments.

3. The position, product and number to be moved must be confirmed

4. Subsequently, PULPO WMS displays the positions in an optimized sequence so that the employee can orient himself more easily.

5. By clicking on the three dots next to the position, the employee has the opportunity

  1. Divide the product into several positions (see screenshots 2 and result of split in 3)

2) Choose a different position
3) Teach Pulpo WMS, which is the maximum possible number of products in the position

6. As with all movements in PULPO, the employee now has to go to the appropriate position, scan them successfully, then scan the product (so that the right product is actually stored) and confirm the number.

7. When all products have been stored in their positions, the task can be ended.

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