Products with serial numbers have unique numbers for each product. Since these products are usually of higher value or offer the customer guarantees, it is important to document the serial numbers.

If a customer receives certain serial number (s) in his shipment, this can be taken into account when creating the 2 - 4) shipments / picking / packing.

  1.  If you receive a product with a serial number, the following view automatically appears:

By clicking on "+" you can add new serial numbers.

2. As with any incoming goods, a product may be accepted or rejected (for example, damaged goods). Upon acceptance, a corresponding item (e.g., incoming) must be scanned to signal to PULPO that products have been placed there for the in-put. When declining, a corresponding position (for example, Return) must be scanned, from where it is subsequently decided manually how to handle the product further.

Serial numbers can be easily added by scan. Since products with serial numbers are always 1 serial number = 1 product, the number of products does not have to be specified additionally. PULPO automatically avoids duplicating the same serial number.

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