By default, Pulpo WMS ensures that products with the shortest expiration date always leave the warehouse first.
Should a customer have special needs (eg expiration date at the earliest in 365 days), this can be taken into account when creating the 2-4) consignments / picking / packing.

  1. If you receive a product with a batch, the following view automatically appears

By clicking on "+" you can receive a new batch. Since different batches may be received in one shipment, you will return to this screen after adding the batch.

2. As with any incoming goods, a product may be accepted or rejected (for example, damaged goods). Upon acceptance, a corresponding item (e.g., incoming) must be scanned to signal to PULPO that products have been placed there for the in-put. When declining, a corresponding position (for example, Return) must be scanned, from where it is subsequently decided manually how to handle the product further.

If there is information in a product regarding "number per delivery unit" (eg box with 24 products), PULPO WMS will automatically show the option to specify this delivery unit. This makes it easier for the employee to receive the correct number of products, since he can specify 4 boxes, for example, instead of having to count 4 x 24 = 96 products in his head.

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