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Tags are one of the special features of PULPO WMS. By creating and assigning Tags, PULPO WMS can automatically: filter warehouse tasks for a specific user, control the operation of users, improve accuracy for suggested movements and warehousing of products and even limit stock for specific positions. This article will explain the purpose of Tags and their easy management in PULPO WMS.

  1. The Tags option is located on the left side menu of the PULPO WMS Web App. Tags are created globally, so they apply to all your warehouses. Then, Tags can be assigned to users, products and warehouse positions.


2. From the window displayed, use the tabs for listing the users, positions and products that have specific Tags assigned. Type the Tag's name in the search bar to visualize the corresponding user, position or product tagged.

3. For creating or editing a Tag just click the Create "+" button on the lower right side of the screen or the Edit "three-dot" option located at the right of each Tag listed. Then fill out the following information:

  • Code: Assign a code to the Tag

  • Tag name: Define a short and simple Tag name.

💡 PULPO-TIP: Think of simple and logical names for the Tags so that administrators can easily identify and assign them. E.g.: "heavy" is a very common Tag. By assigning this Tag, processes regarding the handling and storage of "heavy" products in the warehouse can be controlled. This means that only dedicated staff that is able to lift the heavy product might be assigned to such a task and/or only warehouse positions that are allowed to contain such a product will be suggested by PULPO WMS.

4. After all desired Tags are created, these can be assigned to users, products and positions through their corresponding management options. If you want to learn more about these processes, click on the following links:

Special considerations

By default, PULPO WMS shows the following Tags: pick, hazardous, valuable heavy, cold, volume and inactive.

Tags can control the following relations:

  • User/Storage: Can a user be allowed to move a specific storage position? E.g. it is a high-bay warehouse and therefore both have the Tag "Forklift" (=forklift)

  • User/Production: Can a user move a particular product? E.g. heavy products and strong employees could be equipped with the "heavy" Tag to ensure that no employees get hurt.

  • Production/Position: Can a product be sorted in a certain position? E.g. chemical product and specially secured zone in the warehouse receive the Tag "hazardous", or items that must be in the refrigerator shelf get the Tag "cold"(=cold)

❗️ NOTE: The use of Tags is currently only available in certain PULPO WMS instances. Feel free to contact our team if you would like to introduce this functionality.

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