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This article will explain how to create and manage users using the PULPO WMS Web App.

Only administrators of PULPO WMS can create and modify users. Different users can have different privileges depending on what the administrator decides.

Due to the intuitive user interface of PULPO WMS, it is largely possible to use employees in different/all processes, since the required learning time is minimal.

This allows employees to be quickly deployed where needed and when needed, e.g. to pick an urgent order with multiple employees for a large customer.

❗️ Make sure you login with an Administrative User so you are able to add or edit Users.

  1. In the Web App, go to the Users option located under the Administration left side menu.

2. From the All Users screen displayed, you can visualize a list of the already created users as well as their detailed information. This includes the user name, id, warehouses assigned, profiles, notifications, tags, etc. This information is located on the right side of the screen and you can easily navigate through all of the tabs to visualize the desired information.

3. Click on the Create "+" button or the "three-dot" Edit option for accessing the User create/update dialog window.

4. Fill out the required information. Here is a short explanation of the required fields for creating/editing a user:

  • Username: Set user name to be identified by PULPO WMS. Usernames have to start with your company name, e.g. "company1_michael"

  • Password: Set password to access the user account

  • First name: First name of the person that will use the account

  • Last name: Last name of the person that will use the account

  • Employee id: Assign an employee identification number

  • Type: Choose between having administrative and regular access rights

  • E-mail: Assign the employee an email

  • Active: Activate the user and make him available for warehousing tasks

On the right side of the Create/Update a user screen dialog, you can provide the user with different privileges to access and participate in different PULPO WMS processes. These are explained below:

  • Warehouses: Add the warehouses that the user can have access to. Created warehouses are displayed in the drop-down menu

  • Profiles: Assign the desired Profiles. Default profiles are displayed in the drop-down menu

  • Notifications: Assign the Notifications that the user will receive related to the different PULPO WMS tasks

  • Tags: Add the Tags that the user can have to better perform the PULPO WMS tasks.

❗️ NOTE: If you do not separate tasks by Tags, we recommend giving the user all Tags that are created in PULPO WMS.

After filling the required information and assigning the desired user's attributes, click the Create/Update button located at the bottom right corner.

That's all! You are now ready to assign tasks and start using PULPO WMS with your different users. Whenever you need to create, edit or assign a different attribute to your users, you can do it from the Users option in the PULPO WMS Web App and follow the steps explained in this article.

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